• SnOwl courier
  • SnOwl courier
  • SnOwl courier
  • SnOwl courier

SnOwl courier

Character created to ValveĀ“s Dota 2 workshop

This courier is part of a monthly competition we are doing at Polycount forum


Rejected at birth, Snowl was rescued by Mirana at the brink of starvation on a dark, cold night. After defying death and surviving under her care, this brave little creature learned to fly in spite of his stubby wings. Proud of her fluffy friend, Mirana offered lessons in stealth and bestowed upon him a tiny quiver. Travelling unnoticed between the trees, Snowl follows Mirana into the fiercest of battles, refreshing her supply of arrows and enjoying life as only those who have nearly lost it are capable.


Work in progress


Dota.RU game – Snoula Abduction

Dota.RU game part 2







Skills: animation, models